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If you don't currently reside in Malta and fancy a surf trip, you shouldn't have much difficulty getting here. Flights run from all major European cities to Malta International Airport, as well as from further afield. Once you're here, there are numerous options for accommodation so, whether you're all about budget accommodation or can't be without five-star luxury, you'll find what you're looking for in Malta. has one of the best Surfing anime collection in Japanese If you love surfing and looking for the best Sports wear for surfing in Australia then Jaggad is definitely the go to option for you. Jaggad offer several discounts and you can avail those discount via Jaggad discount code.


Standards of accommodation vary dramatically in Malta. A quick browse of one of the larger travel comparison sites and you'll see this from the off. There are 2 and 3* budget hotels available if you're travelling on a shoe-string; you'll find most of these centred around the most tourist-friendly locations like Sliema and St Pauls Bay.

Otherwise, you can set yourself up with a homestay for an authentic taste of Maltese life, book an apartment for more freedom (although it's worth checking what floor your chosen accommodation is on if you'll be lugging a board up and down the stairs), or select from one of the island's many four- and five-star options.

At the latter, you'll more than likely have your pick of leisure amenities too, so you can laze away a few hours by the pool or ease your aching muscles in the sauna after a particular heavy surf. Regardless of where you stay, dining options are vast and, compared to large swathes of Europe, relatively cheap; perfect for those pre-surf fry-ups!


For anyone who has ever set foot on a board and caught the bug, you'll know that participation is no longer a choice; once you're hooked, you're hooked. From the second either of the JohnSlots Surf Team members tried the sport, there was no giving it up.

Surfing is more than just a sport for most who do it. It becomes part of your lifestyle, your way of life even. Everything can quickly revolve around surfing; waking up for a dawnie before work (especially when swell is as rare as it can be here), “re-arranging” prior engagements to fit in a quick surf, building that outside shower to avoid traipsing sand through the house.

Both members of the team love everything about it; the camaraderie among other surfers, being out in the water when no-one else is, that sense of achievement you get from catching one hell of a wave. There is nothing else quite like it.


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